The spring breeze of wenshan word is the calm before the storm

"In 1587, in the fifteenth year of the reign of the Ming dynasty in China, the dry branch was a pig. It was a pig.

The above paragraph is quoted from huang renyu's book "fifteen years", which is why the author should make this year the title of his book. How to construct a book that has been translated into many

languages in the past year?

The world was at peace.

Book in the original language is English, its title is "irrelevant in 1587 (1587, aYearofNoSignificance: TheMingDynastyinDecline)". What does that mean? The original ray huang, put forward different views

and other historians, points out that this year is the world ChengPing, no major unrest, but after a look at his English title, pointed out at the end of that year, in fact, is the Ming dynasty to step and

to perish.

Author years with this analysis and reflect his "big view", his book theme in the book, see: "when a country with a large population, and each action all by Confucian simple shallow and not limited by the

principle of fixed and laws lack of creativity, is the degree of social development, inevitably restricted. Even aim is good, also cannot accessorial technology."

So, the book in the Ming wanli six characters constitute the book, with little big historical narrative perspective, borrow the Ming bland, reveal the factors influencing the back nearly a century of

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Chinese history.

The wanli was the 13th emperor of the Ming dynasty, and the Ming emperor lived in zhu yijun (the reign period: 1572 to 1620). The general historians believe that the beginning of the decline of the Ming

dynasty was the death of zhang juzheng, the first auxiliary of the wanli decade (1582), and the beginning of the reign of the Ming god. After more than a decade of wrangling with the cabinet over the crown

prince's affair with the cabinet, he fought against the minister with a lack of government. He began in 1586, and for a period of 33 years, he said, "wanli's reign." In this case, how can the politics and

economy of the Ming dynasty go downhill?

"Fifteen years of history", in the form of biography, the written law of the novel can be regarded as "the historical works made up of literary techniques". In addition to leading role wanli chose several

minister: including successively and records (the first of the Ming dynasty is not appointed prime minister and the cabinet university, become prime minister) zhang juzheng and ShenShiHang, official legend

harry, strategist qi jiguang, philosophy thinker li zhi, the surface scenery characters, contain the tragedy in their experiences, reflecting their Ming empire, under the surface prosperity of the

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The emperor is only a flag.

Take the wanli emperor as an example, the average person thinks that the emperor is sovereign, but the life of wanli is a struggle, even painful.

He was taught to listen to his teacher, and to be held back by his mother. After the marriage, I had two years of hard work and wanted to do some business, but I was completely opposed to the minister in

the matter of standing up. He wants to set his favourite imperial concubine bore when the son of the prince, so she is qualified with the emperor was buried, but they were ministers opposed, constantly

play, make him understand that his emperor this is just a flag. Every comment, ministers not afraid dead, not deadly force to fight, and death to fight to the emperor, had also not afraid, outside the

relegated official put in prison more afraid of, just won a "loyal", "minister", may also be a fair death honors the whole life.

Huang renyu said that wanli can not control the future of the empire, because there is a powerful force against him? Officials take the Confucian spirit as their slogan. He is becoming less and less

politically active. Of course, there are other historians who criticize him for his lust for money, and even his addiction to opium.

Zhang juzheng, the head of the wanli emperor, was about to make drastic changes. In order to maintain the stability of the dynasty, shen shi did not have enough to do so. Hai rui, the model official, is

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clean and honest, but he is crowded out because of his strange behavior. Qi jiguang forces against the Japanese, but died in poverty and disease; The philosopher li zhi was depressed and rejected and

forced to commit suicide at home.

These people have two sides of Yin and Yang: they can do things that are good for their own values, they are good for the society, and the other is for personal gain. Among them, there is a pure love of

self, but not welcome, and there is profit and profit in vain. Even if they have a distinguished military strategist and a profound thinker, they are both enemies of the political struggle and ultimately a

tragic end. He has been working as a liberal arts teacher in the newly retired middle school, and has been engaged in education for 40 years.

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